Prone Position Assailant Reaches For Waistband


One of the most challenging positions in arresting technique is the prone position. The elbows should be attacked on both sides; not one!  Read that again if you are advocating to attack the near sidearm of the assailant.  Even better try testing this attack of the close/near sidearm.  Here is what happens.

From the prone position when the assailant protects his arms, it is better to open up both sides of his elbows than attacking the near sidearm.  In Gunji Taiho Jutsu, we do not endorse attacking only the near sidearm. When this strategy is used under stress, the assailant will come to his knees and stand up.  It is even easier when you, as the officer or security forces, change your position and use the knee ride with your back rear knee to transition that knee into the near sidearm of the assailant. You give up a lot of positional dominance away that often you cannot get back.  Frankly, do so is dangerous.

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