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With admission start your distance learning education in the Gunji Taiho Jutsu system.  This is a self-pace program setup in block training.

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Instructor Certification Training

With admission start your distance learning and evaluation in the Gunji University Instructor Certification Training program.  Complete your graduation capstone project with a live evaluation for final certification.

What Is Gunji Taiho Jutsu?

Gunji Taiho Jutsu can loosely translate in Japanese to Military Body Control/Arresting Technique.

Modern Taiho-jutsu (Arresting Technique) was introduced to the U.S. when the Strategic Air Command began sending combative measures instructors to the Kodokan in Japan for eight-week training programs. The course was a Japanese-designed mix of jujutsu, judo, karate, aikido and taiho-jutsu.

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it's a commitment to excellence. As a student and/or instructor, you will be empowered with more of a connection to yourself and work the moment you begin your practice and study at Gunji University. You will have access and support to becoming skilled in Gunji Taiho Jutsu and ranked if your goal is to become an instructor. You will be guided and inspired by like-minded professionals.

Whether you're enrolling in our student program or pursuing an instructor's certification with rank, Gunji University provides the scope of Martial Arts and Combatives education & experience to help you excel on your path. 

"You Are Not In Security Forces." Yes, but I am 25 years ahead of you; I can help you. I am on the level.

In this interview, Prof. "little" Tony Pacenski and Gunji Taiho Jutsu Certified Black Belt Instructor Tim Harrell explore the relationships between different jujutsu systems, military combatives and taiho jutsu.


Testimonial For GTJ

High Level Endorsement From The Top Taiho Jutsu and Defensive Tactics Instructor In This Country.

"Professor Tony Pacenskiā€™s Gunji Taiho Jutsu online university is an outstanding resource for Security Forces, military police, or anyone going downrange. The different combative programs in the Arm Forces are an excellent introduction to the application of force and self-defense. However, once the course is over, the skills learned will diminish without continuing practice, the skills are perishable without continuing training. With Gunji Taiho Jutsu online university, a military member can work with a partner and continue to build on the lessons learned. Technology has bridged the gap to bring excellent training to anyone who is looking to develop skills to keep them alive in the field. As a retired Security Forces Master Sergeant, and 8th degree black belt in Shudokan Taiho Jujitsu, who has taught Defensive Tactics for over 30 years, I fully endorse Prof. Pacenski and Gunji Taiho Jutsu. "

Hanshi Daniel Hect, EdD
USAF SF, Retired | Village of Hartford Chief of Police

Did You Know That Gunji Taiho Jutsu Is Approved In The State Of Oklahoma

Gunji Taiho Jutsu was approved by the Certifying Agency of Law Enforcement in Oklahoma (CLEET) for continued education hours.  First-responders are able to earn training hours for completing Gunji Taiho Jutsu training by GTJ certified instructors.


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Affordable, Convenient, and Self-Paced: GUNJI UNIVERSITY's courses provide a full range of curriculum and study in what it takes to become self-confident in the areas of Defensive Tactics, Combatives, Martial Arts and specifically Arresting Arts.

Gunji Taiho Jutsu

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GTJ Official Katas Course

Learn more about Gunji Taiho Jutsu Katas: Ichi-No-Kata & Kaiten-Katame-No-Kata.

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Frequently Asked Questions

* Suitable for Beginner through Advanced training.  Train at your own pace.  Group support available online.

* Exclusive video training for 6 ranks of curriculum in Gunji Taiho Jutsu.

* Video training taught by Prof. Tony Pacenski with additional content provided by other high ranking instructors.

* 30 day trial with setup fee.

* Gain immediate access to videos for the first rank of Gunji Taiho Jutsu Yellow Belt.

* Additional videos added weekly until you have all content for White Belt to Brown Belt.

* Videos will continue to be added weekly that support the foundations of the Gunji Taiho Jutsu curriculum and will enrich your skill and understanding of the material.

* Grading available and recommended (details provided upon admission.)

Student admission gives you immediate access to all videos in the first rank of Yellow Belt for a total of 15 videos and 2 written chapters from the text Gunji Taiho Jutsu that cover fundamental Taiho Jutsu, Pinning & Controlling Techniques, Locks. Each week, several videos will be added to your curriculum until you have all videos and written content for 6 ranks White, Yellow, Orange, Green and Brown 1-3. 

It is a lot of information that is explored. Once you have access to all of these videos, you will continue to receive weekly video content containing support drills and techniques for the fundamental ranks.

Yes, after admission to Gunji University, students will receive a digital online colored section of the textbook each week.  Week one, for example, is the Gunji Taiho Jutsu Pinning Core Vol.1.  This will be located on the right side of the screen as a download for the last video of the week.  Gunji University recommends each week downloading the next section of the textbook so you can start reading and preparing for your video instruction online.

If you want to you can order physical copies of the Gunji Taiho Jutsu textbooks at  The physical copies of the Gunji Taiho Jutsu textbooks are in black and white photos.  The writing is essay style to explore the techniques, strategies and principles of the GTJ not step-by-step how-to techniques.  Please see the admission page for ordering details.

Gunji Taiho Jutsu is the new era for taiho jutsu techniques (arresting technique) as it is a progressive way to teach Military or Law Enforcement...(Learn More)

The short answer is to complete the Gunji University Instructor Certification Training (ICT) program. This begins with first completing the student curriculum, and then transitioning to the ICT. For more information about the ICT, (Learn More Here...)

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