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Instructor Certification Training 

Gunji University Admin Will Review Your Inquriy 

Once accepted, you will be given access to the student curriculums of Gunji Taiho Jutsu with your Gunji University Instructor Certification Training (ICT) program tuition:
$599 (Distance Final Evaluation)
$899 (Face-To-Face Final Evaluation) 
You will not be charged separate tuition for student curriculums.  




Showcase Proficiency

Once you have showcased proficiency of the student curriculum via video evaluations, you will be granted access to the Gunji University Instructor Certification Teaching (ICT) program for 60 days.





After completion of the Gunji University ICT with proficiency via video evaluations, you will be invited for a live evaluation or a distance final evaluation for certification.





We are interested in working with like-mind people and to be honest people that have the passion to teach others Gunji Taiho Jutsu.  The byproducts of your commitment, study and practice of the system, and your ability to learn the principles of instruction (POI) through Gunji University's ICT and finally pass your live evaluation (or distance evaluation) are the only ways to become certified as a Black Belt 1 Instructor in Gunji Taiho Jutsu! 

Frequently Asked Questions

For the Gunji University ICT, you must first complete the student curriculums.  This is a self-pace format.

Once you have completed the distance evaluation, you be granted access to the Gunji University ICT and will have 60 days to submit your final capstone-video project.

With the successful completion of your capstone-video project, you will be invited to complete your live-evaluation in-person face-to-face or as a distance evaluation with Prof. Tony Pacenski.

If you need more time on your capstone project, you will need to pay a fee and request an extension by filing a ICT GU Form 64.  

Start with your purpose, have passion and continue with persistence (P3).

Take the time to fully study the student curriculums and accept feedback from Gunji University.  Interact with members of and also in the Gunji University private Facebook support group.

When you are ready to start the ICT, take the time to watch all of the videos and practice teaching on film.  Within 60 days, practice and study more of the principles of instruction (POI) to prepare for the video capstone project.  You will find that the ICT is challenging, an amazing learning experience and skillset that you are developing to prepare for a future live evaluation. 

Prepare your training partners and have them ready to assist you in this program. Remember this formula expression:  P3 + ICT + POI = ROI.  Have fun with the process and communicate with us.  

Gunji Taiho Jutsu as a system is based on quality control. Certified instructors are selected rooted in P3: Purpose, Passion and Persistence.  This third aspect relates with continued drive, support and education when a person persists.  For this it is important to maintain and improve upon your skills. One of the best tools to do this is Gunji University. 

The Gunji Taiho Jutsu Instructor Team follows graduation as an instructor and connects all the instructors with continued support, videos, special content and training.  This continued education and support is as low as $14 per month.  The Gunji Taiho Jutsu Instructor Team is a place for instructors to work together and share experiences. 

Being part of this Gunji Taiho Jutsu Instructor Team give you the ability to use Gunji Taiho Jutsu's likeness, media kits and more. There are no licensing fees, monthly franchise fees, grading fees or any other hidden costs such as fees per your personal student/client(s).  

Submit your inquiry to become a Certified Gunji Taiho Jutsu Black Belt 1 Instructor.  Complete the form with your contact information, Martial Arts Experience and Military/Law Enforcement Experience.

Your Special Experience indicators (SEI) will be factored in during the review of your information by Gunji University administration.  After the review, you will be contacted by Prof. Tony Pacenski to discuss your admission to the Gunji University ICT.  

This Is Your Opportunity To Maximize Your Effectiveness As Practitioner And Instructor

Prof. Tony Pacenski has become one of Jiu Jitsu's most prominent American-born figures.  Tony is recognized for his captivating seminars and articulate explanations of Martial Arts.  He enjoys a reputation as a gifted instructor and a teacher of black belts. Gunji University finally lays out the book of Gunji Taiho Jutsu, video curriculums and the unique Gunji University ICT.  These are all results of having a Master's Degree in Education for curriculum & instruction, active Military service as an education & training specialist, and well over 25 years of Jiu Jitsu teaching experience. 

Submit Your Inquiry To Become A Certified Gunji Taiho Jutsu Black Belt 1 Instructor

Instructor Tuition Face-To-Face Final Evaluation

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